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To build a place to promote curiosity, childhood, and inspire imagination. A place where children come to learn through play.

Imagine a state-of-the art, centrally located children's museum right here in Geneva that is a vibrant and welcoming hub for children and families, a resource for schools, and a major tourist destination.

The mission of the CMG is to foster creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children 10 and under, through hands-on exhibits, role-play and programming.

The CMG fills a unique role: it will provide a bridge between the intimate home-learning environment and that of the curriculum-directed school by combining play with specific learning objectives in a welcoming, informal, and developmentally appropriate setting. The Museum exists to serve its constituents — children.

On a whole, we are seeing parents and caregivers spending less time with children and less time together as a family outside the home. Research is showing the many positive impacts on children who have the freedom to explore - and share family time enjoying creative and cultural experiences. The Children's Museum of Geneva will be for all children, their families and caregivers.

A children's museum can maximize childrens' creativity and quality family time. More than 30 million people already visit over 400 children's museums around the world every year. Currently there is no place like this in Geneva and we plan to create one!

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